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You can choose how much you would like to give, how your donation is to be used and at which facility (Westmead or Blacktown) you would like your donation to go to.

Below are some suggestions as to how your donation could make a real difference to the lives of people with cancer.

Special projects close to our hearts

Care Co-ordinators for Cancer PatientsCancer Care Coordinators - often referred to by our patients as their "angels"

This  project is very close to the hearts of our patients and staff.  

“Cancer Care Coordinators”  are the patient’s first port of call in times of difficulties, as well as a resource to help them navigate the difficult road ahead after a diagnosis of cancer.  These positions make a very real impact on the daily lives of our patients and their families. Their contribution to minimising the effects of cancer on a person's life and improving the patient experience have been established by the Cancer Institute NSW.

These nurses support patients from diagnosis. They assist them to navigate complex healthcare systems throughout their treatment. They help patients by giving not only practical advice, but also much needed emotional support during one of the most stressful times in a person’s life.

Help us to raise funds to employ some additional Cancer Care Coordinators to expand the service so that more of our patients have one of these "angels" to help them navigate the difficult cancer roadmap.

Cancer Research that makes a difference

IMG_9466Cancer Research is vital in the fight against cancer. It helps build our knowledge and understanding of cancer so that we are continually improving ways of detecting and diagnosing cancer, and developing more targeted cancer treatments to improved patient care.

Research across the Sydney West Cancer Network remains at the core of our mission to provide world-leading cancer care to our community, and to contribute to the international effort to improve cancer outcomes.

Your donation will support our dedicated and talented scientists and researchers to continue in their mission to find a cure for cancer.

Patient Services Fund

Community NursingYour donation will directly benefit adult cancer patients and their families with real and tangible change by providing funds to create better environments at our various facilities across the Network and support networking services to help make the cancer journey just that little bit easier.

Past donations have funded numerous small and large improvements across the Sydney West Cancer Network which have benefited our patients.  Things such as specialised equipment, comfortable seating, art works, beverage bay facilities, to name just a few of the things purchased through the generosity of others.

Donate to The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead Donate to the Blacktown Cancer & Haematology Centre

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