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In this section you will find a wide range of information about being a patient at any one of the facilities that makes up the Sydney West Cancer Network including practical information for cancer patients and their families/carers to help you better understand cancer, its treatment, genetic risks and how it will affect you.

It also includes very helpful information about the vast range of services available to patients, their families and carers during and after cancer treatment.

Genetic Risk

While doctors can rarely pinpoint a single reason why people develop cancer, they can say with certainty that a faulty gene is to blame in some families. The Familial Cancer Service works to help families with a strong history of some types of cancer to reduce their risk of developing the disease. read more

Health Professionals

All types of cancer patients are welcome to attend any of our treatment facilities across the Network upon referral from their general practitioner or treating specialist.

For information to assist in the referral process click here

Multidisciplinary Tumour Programs

  • multidisciplinary team membership
  • services provided
  • referral information
  • contact details
  • meetings times

Click here for information on the above topics

Multidisciplinary Care

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is a group of doctors and other health professionals with expertise in specific cancer types. Multiple specialised MDTs across the Sydney West Cancer Network gather together on a regular basis to discuss and manage an individual patient’s care. They plan the treatment that’s best for you in line with best current practise. Read more

Services for Patients

Some of the current services that are available for cancer patients to access are:

  • ACCOMMODATION:  Accommodation options available to our patients receiving treatment at any of our facilities in the Sydney West Cancer Network. Read more
  • COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM) OR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: What does ‘complementary and alternative medicine or integrative medicine mean? Read more
  • INTERPRETOR SERVICES:  Help for our patients and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.Read more
  • LEGAL AND FINANCIAL PLANNING SUPPORT:  Cancer Council NSW can help you if you or someone in your family has cancer, and you need legal or financial advice.Read more
  • LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER:  Local workshops that are highly recommended by your treating team Read more
  • MULTICULTURAL RESOURCES:  Information for cancer patients from the CINSW Read more
  • NURSING SUPPORT:  Every cancer diagnosis comes with questions that need answers, treatments to consider, concerns about loved ones or uncertainty on how to navigate an unknown path.Read more
  • PATIENT/CARER INFORMATION CENTRES: Cancer Council is helping to connect cancer patients, their carers and their families with information and support services, by having Information Centres staffed by trained volunteers within hospitals and treatment centres around NSW.Read more
  • QUIT SMOKING: You are not alone.Read more

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