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Western Sydney Local Health District Uro-Oncology Program

About Us

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has a comprehensive multi-disciplinary service for urological cancers, including prostate cancer. In 2019 there were almost 4,500 outpatient presentations (3,500 at Westmead and 1,000 at Blacktown), making it one of the busiest in Australia.
The multidisciplinary team involved in prostate cancer and other urological cancers includes surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, palliative care specialists, nurses, radiation therapists, familial cancer, psycho-oncology and other allied health professionals.

Surgery: The urology surgery service has a combination of staff specialists and Visiting Medical Officers who operate and manage patients at Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals. A full range of surgical procedures is offered including Robot assisted radical prostatectomy, open radical prostatectomy and trans-perineal biopsy.

Radiation Oncology: The Uro-oncology subspecialty unit has 2 radiation oncologists with a special interest in prostate and other urological cancers working across Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals. An advanced practice prostate radiation therapist works across the LHD.

Medical Oncology: There are two dedicated medical oncologists specialising in urological cancers with clinics at both Blacktown and Westmead hospitals. In addition there is a clinical fellow in medical oncology who supports the genitourinary clinical trial patients.

Nursing: Both centres have nursing support for clinics and treatment and have recently been awarded a prostate cancer specialist nurse by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Men’s Health Physiotherapy: Westmead offers a specialised Men’s Health Physiotherapy clinic for men who are receiving treatment for Prostate Cancer. It is the only clinic of its type in the public hospital system of NSW. An experienced men’s health physiotherapist provides modern rehabilitation of incontinence caused by surgery and/or radiation (using real time ultra sound), and treatment to counteract the side effects of hormone therapy in the form of exercise prescription and exercise classes.

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings: The unit has a very active MDT which meets every fortnight to discuss urological cancers according to agreed criteria. Members from all medical and supportive care disciplines are included in the meeting which generates robust discussion about treatment options and best practice.

Research and Clinical Trials: The multidisciplinary team has a very active clinical trials program covering many new treatment innovations.

Affiliations:The clinicians of the Westmead Uro-Oncology service are affiliated with various prestigious research and teaching institutions including:

Referral Process

Urgent Referrals

For urgent referrals:

    1. Send the patient to the Emergency Department at either Westmead or Blacktown hospital
    2. Urgent Surgical referrals:
  1. a. Phone Westmead Hospital (02-8890 5555) or Blacktown Hospital (02 8670 8421) and ask for the Urology registrar on-call
    3. Urgent Medical/Radiation Oncology referrals:
  1. a. Westmead: Phone the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead on 02 8890 5200 to speak to the Uro-Oncology nurse
  1. b. Blacktown: Phone Blacktown Cancer & Haematology Centre (02 8670 8421) and speak to the Uro-Oncology Cancer Care Coordinator
  1. c. Contact the Medical Oncologist or Radiation Oncologist on call through the switch board Westmead (02 8890 5200) Blacktown (02 8670 8421)

Routine Referrals

Routine referrals can be sent to doctors at any of the clinics listed below. All referrals must include:

Patient details

    • Name, address, phone and mobile number
    • Date of birth
    • Medicare/Dept Veterans’ affairs number
    • Level of mobility
    • Preferred Language. Please indicate if interpreter is needed

Clinical details

    • Reason for referral
    • Level of urgency
    • Doctor’s provider number (for Medicare)
    • Specific clinical problems requiring consultation
    • Results of relevant investigations performed within the previous 12 months
    • List of current medications

Referrer details

    • Name and practice address
    • Practice phone and fax or email details
    • Medicare provider number
    • Patient’s usual GP if different from above


Multiple clinics for surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology are conducted across both hospitals. In addition, there are multiple palliative care clinics across all facilities to which patients have access.


How to refer


Medical Oncology Clinics

(Prof Howard Gurney, Dr Tania Moujaber)
Prof Gurney and Dr Moujaber see patients in a multidisciplinary Genito-Urinary cancer clinic on Thursday. Dr Moujaber also sees patients on Friday morning at Blacktown.

For enquiries, please contact:
-Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead on 02 8890 5200
-Blacktown Cancer and Haematology Centre on 02 8670 8421
Radiation Oncology Clinics

(A/Prof Sandra Turner, Dr Amy Hayden)
Patients are seen by A/Prof Turner and Dr Hayden in the multidisciplinary Medical Oncology/Radiation Oncology clinic at Westmead on Thursdays and separately by A/Prof Turner on Tuesdays at Westmead and Dr Hayden on Wednesdays at Blacktown.

For enquiries, please contact:
-Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead Genito-Urinary Cancers CNS on 02 8890 5200
-Blacktown Cancer and Haematology Centre Care Coordinator on 02 8670 8421
Surgical Clinics

-Bladder Cancer Clinic (Westmead)
(Prof Manish Patel)
Every second Thursday morning Prof Patel conducts a bladder cancer clinic at Westmead.

-Prostate Cancer Clinic (Westmead)
(Prof Manish Patel)
One week in four, Prof Patel conducts a prostate cancer clinic at Westmead.

-Kidney Cancer Clinic
(Dr Lawrence Kim)
Once a month, on a Thursday morning, Dr Kim conducts a kidney cancer clinic at Westmead.

For enquiries, please contact the Department of Urology secretary on 02 8890 6693.
Multi-disciplinary New Patient Prostate Cancer Assessment Clinic

(Dr Lawrence Kim, A/Prof Sandra Turner, Dr Amy Hayden)
Since 2018, a ‘multidisciplinary new patient assessment clinic’ has been held at Westmead to facilitate supportive multidisciplinary care of men with a new diagnosis of prostate cancer. This clinic includes a surgeon and two radiation oncologists and specialist nurse working together to provide patients with a comprehensive view of treatment options. It is held every second Thursday afternoon.

For enquiries, please call the prostate cancer nurse on 8890 5200 or contact the Department of Urology secretary on 02 8890 6693.
Elevated PSA Clinic

(Dr Tania Hossack)
This clinic is conducted on Fridays at Blacktown Hospital. To attend this clinic the patient needs to have abnormal DRE or elevated PSA >95% percentile for age as guided by the pathology company who conducted the PSA test.

For enquiries, please contact the Urology Clinical Support Administration Officer on 02 8670 0085.
Haematuria Clinic

(Dr Audrey Wang)
Westmead Haematuria Clinic is a fast track clinic for patients presenting with macroscopic haematuria (visible blood in urine). This is in contrast to microscopic haematuria which is not visible but is detected on a dipstick test or urine microscopy with ≥10 RBC per high power field.

For enquiries, please contact the Department of Urology secretary on 02 8890 6693.

Westmead Hospital (Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre – CPMCC)

Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Surgical referrals
Referrals to the Multidisciplinary Prostate, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Surgical clinics can be made by:

  • Sending an email to (preferred)
  • Faxing CPMCC on 02 8890 8567;
  • Mailing a referral to: The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead, PO Box 533, Wentworthville, 2145.
  • The patient should contact CPMCC (8890 5200) if no correspondence is received within 1 week of referral by the GP.

    Haematuria Clinic
    To refer to this clinic, follow the guidelines: Haematuria clinic – information for GPs

    Blacktown Hospital (Blacktown Cancer and Haematology Centre – BCHC)

    Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology referrals
    Referrals for Radiation Oncology or Medical Oncology clinics at Blacktown hospital can be made by:

  • Sending an email to: (preferred)
  • Faxing BCHC on 02 8670 8430;
  • Mailing a referral to: The Blacktown Cancer and Haematology Centre, PO Box 792, Seven Hills 1730.

  • Elevated PSA clinic

    A referral, addressed to Dr Tania Hossack should be faxed to (02) 9881 7198. All referrals must include two PSA tests 4 – 12 weeks apart and both need to fill the following criteria:

  • If < 70 years old: PSA > 3ng/ml and f/t ratio < 25% or PSA > 5.5 ng/ml
  • If > 70 years old: PSA > 5.5 ng/ml and f/t ratio < 25%
  • MSU and renal tract US are also required.
    Patients with positive prostate biopsy should be referred to Westmead cancer clinic.

    Private Rooms

    Patients may also be referred to private rooms (see staff listing below).


    WSLHD has a strong academic focus. There is an academic chair in Surgery associated with the University of Sydney and the Director of Urology has an adjunct Clinical Associate Professor appointment. A medical oncologist is a Professor of Medicine at the Macquarie University and a radiation oncologist is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.


    Surgeons: A/Prof Andrew Brooks; Prof Manish Patel; Prof Howard Lau; Dr David Ende; Dr Simon Bariol; Dr Tania Hossack; Dr Lawrence Kim; Dr Audrey Wang

    Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncologists: Prof Howard Gurney; Dr Tania Moujaber

    Radiation Oncology

    Radiation Oncologists: A/Prof Sandra Turner; Dr Amy Hayden
    Advanced practice prostate radiation therapist


    Meg Hughes- Radiation Oncology CNS – Westmead
    Prostate Cancer CNC (TBA)
    Samantha De Gouveia – Clinical Care Coordinator – Blacktown Cancer & Haematology Centre

    Men’s Health Physiotherapist

    Matthew Crawshaw

    Urology Administration

    Julie Ashbourne

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