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Support comes in many different forms and your needs may change as you go through your cancer journey.

Every cancer diagnosis comes with questions that need answers, treatments to consider, concerns about loved ones or uncertainty on how to navigate an unknown path.

Our nursing staff are here to help support and guide you throughout your cancer journey with the focus being on your comfort and convenience.

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Care Coordinators

Cancer Care Coordinators – Can help you navigate the cancer journey. With a focus on your comfort and convenience, this nursing expert provides the understanding care you want and deserve, when you need it most.

Chemo Nurse  

Chemotherapy Nurse Support – Being prepared and understanding chemotherapy can help lessen some of the stress surrounding your treatment. Chemotherapy nursing staff provide education prior to starting chemotherapy and support during treatment phase.


Clinic Nurses 

Radiation Therapy Nurse Support – The nurses provide education to you and your family/carers and can help manage the side effects of your treatment and your medical condition in consultation with medical staff. These nurses continue to be involved in your long term follow up care in the clinic.  They are available in clinics and can be a valuable resource during treatment and at consultation.

WSLHD Nurses

Community Nursing Support: Community co-ordinated care services are offered for people with a life limiting illness and support for their family at home. Care and support is offered including pain relief and management of other symptoms, and aims to be flexible and sensitive to the wishes and needs of patients and also their families.  Ask your treating team for further information about accessing this service.

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