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The visit by HRH Crown Princess Mary for the renaming of the Centre was a tribute to the quality of the work we do

Our patients enjoy a panoramic view during radiation therapy treatment

Health in our hands – treating our patients with compassion, dignity and respect
and gaining a better understanding of their needs

For decades the facility at Westmead has been a leading Australian centre for treatment, teaching and research.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Care Approach: Wouldn't you prefer it if all of your specialists were talking to each other,
deciding on the best treatment for you?

Translational cancer research, sees researchers working very closely with clinicians
to improve outcomes for our patients

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead
Internationally accredited as a ESMO Designated Center of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Introducing Professor Anna deFazio, Sydney West Chair in Translational Cancer Research
who is pioneering groundbreaking research into ovarian cancer.

Care Coordinators - dedicated to helping in all aspects of disease treatment and side-effects.


Cancer Research is vital in the fight against cancer. It helps build our knowledge and understanding of cancer so that we are continually improving ways of detecting and diagnosing cancer, and developing more targeted cancer treatments to improved patient care


IMG_9565Clinical Trial Units of the Sydney West Cancer Network conduct important research into new medicines and treatments and new ways to use current treatments. Clinical trials increase our knowledge about cancer and help in the search for better outcomes for patients and families.

Participating in a clinical trial is always rewarding as the patient will make a contribution to the development of better and more successful treatments for future cancer sufferers.





Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre:  A groundbreaking new $6.5 million cancer research centre was established in western Sydney in 2011 to drive improvements in patient care.

The Sydney-West Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC) has put the west of Sydney on the map as a hub  for world-class cancer research, improving the links between research and clinical care.



WICR logo

Westmead Institute for Cancer Research, located at Westmead Millennium Institute,

Westmead Institute for Cancer Research (WICR) conducts research into the molecular and cellular basis of human cancer (breast cancer, melanoma and other skin cancers, ovarian cancer and bowel cancer) and leukaemia. The research of WICR is focused on understanding cell growth, cell defences against cancer-causing DNA toxins, immunological defence against cancer, the relationships between viruses and cancer, and the genetic foundations of the disease.


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